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Coaching Services

All of my coaching sessions are available in-person or via video call.

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Returning to work coaching session

This 90-minute coaching package is designed to help people return to work with ease and confidence. Uncover your strengths and passions, and how you can channel them into a job you love. You’ll gain powerful insights that can change the way you work and interact with colleagues.

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Couples Strengths Session

This 90-minute session is designed for couples who want to understand each other on a deeper level. You and your partner will uncover your strengths both as individuals and as a couple. You’ll learn how to draw on your strengths to foster harmony and a deeper intimacy within your relationship.

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Team Workshops

In this interactive session, we’ll unpack each team member’s individual strengths and how these contribute to the team’s success. These workshops can be 2 hours, 4 hours, or full-day. Through engaging exercises and reflection, I will equip your team with knowledge and a deeper understanding of themselves and each other.

The focus of the workshop can be

Gallup Strengths

Four Tendencies

Emotion Culture Deck

Well being and managing self.

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Freedom to Focus Retreats

Time and space curated just for you to create, achieve, and find your flow!

The Freedom to Focus Retreat is an environment that is distraction free and specifically designed to give you time to achieve your goals.
Each day is intentionally structured to ensure you remain accountable and motivated.

Woven throughout the retreat will be my skills in accountability, coaching, advice, and other tools to support you to reach your goals and leave feeling delighted with your achievements.

I take care of all the meals etc, so not only do you meet your goals, you are well looked after too!

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Motivational Speaking

My work isn’t limited to strengths coaching. As a natural-born teacher and speaker, I thrive when spreading knowledge and awareness. I would love to speak at your event be it an early childhood service, school, workplace, or private/public function.

I deliver presentations on strengths, values, diversity, habits and goals, and motivation to groups that may not be in a position to dive into personal coaching. A lifetime of reading and learning has allowed me to extend my expertise to wellness, happiness, LGBTQ+ visibility, and early childhood, making my talks versatile and packed with real-world experience and knowledge.

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Four Tendencies Workshop

Setting yourself up for success in 2023!

How you want to feel can be an important question as you move into the New Year.

The beginning of the year brings with it a whole lot of prompts to set goals or refocus. Ever wondered why this seems to be easier for some people, and harder for others, why you do things the way you do and why others may do it differently?

In this interactive workshop I will take your team through a journey of discovery into the Four Tendencies and responding to expectations.  If you are curious to know which tendency you have, take Gretchen Rubin’s quiz

Kath is a strengths-based coach with a passion for helping people unlock their awesome. Kath works with individuals and teams to help them understand themselves and one another for positive outcomes.