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Whether it is an interest in Gallup Strengths coaching, that’s brought you here, or a desire to know more about accountability or goal settings I’ve got free resources and guides, top tips, videos and more in this section. To access all the free content to help you achieve your potential, fill in the form below.

    What They’re Saying

    The session that I had with Kath was awesome, it helped me learn so much more
    about my strengths and put them into perspective around things that I actually do or
    say. She was a great person to talk with as everything she said was clear and
    understandable. She also listened when I spoke and actually took in what I was
    saying. I would definitely recommend Kath and the Gallup strengths to anyone.


    My coaching session with Kath really brought the strengths alive for me and helped
    me to see how I can apply them in my daily life. Kath was friendly and engaging,
    made me feel heard and understood, and introduced me to new ways of thinking
    about my strengths and how I can best utilise them. The coaching session was super
    helpful for me and I have been thinking about it and finding ways to apply what I’ve
    learned since.

    HollyPrincipal Advisor

    I loved the ease of how Kath communicates, she’s real and talks in a manner that
    encourages others to reveal their true self too. I loved how Kath helped us see our
    strengths in both raw and mature sense and how to manage that. I learnt so much
    more about my own strengths today. The mind map of our strengths and what we
    share, I haven’t seen it presented this way before, thanks Kath!


    I loved the presentation style, a great mix of listening to Kath, and the team sharing.

    PhillipaEarly Childhood Educator Teacher

    Love the way Kath brings out the joy and engagement from all the teachers so
    openly share and talk about themselves and bring their ideas together as a team,
    there were fun and interactive activities that were interesting for the whole team to
    work with.


    I loved seeing the connections in our team, and the writing exercise really helped me
    understand more about myself and others. I loved the way Kath related strengths to
    each other and how they connected and worked alongside other strengths.

    CeliaECE Teacher

    I loved your presence and knowledge, your ability to listen to me, empathise, but you
    also kept it positive and motivated too. You were so good at understanding my
    strengths and offering suggestions to move forward.

    TaniaBusiness leader

    I loved learning about the importance of my strengths. How helpful they are when
    working as a member of a team as well as individually. Everything was great, I think
    there was enough time for listening and expressing ourselves.

    PaulaECE Teacher