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About my work

Kia ora! I’m Kath Cooper.

I help individuals, teams, and managers transform their lives and work by unearthing their deepest passions, values, and strengths. Think of me as your guide, your mentor, and your biggest advocate. Together, we’ll tap into your unique strengths and uncover infinite possibilities for how you can use them throughout your life journey.

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About Gallup Strengths

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

The Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment uncovers your most authentic, unique self and guides my coaching sessions. You’ll get a detailed report that reflects your truest self back to you. Not only will your report describe who you are perfectly, it will also help you understand your strengths and any challenges you need to overcome.
The assessment is only the beginning, though. A coach (that’s me!) helps you understand and analyse your results, and how you can use them to shape a more fulfilling life. I’m fully trained and certified to guide you along that path. You will leave our session empowered and inspired with practical tools to help you unpack and realise your awesome self!

About my life

Always learning; always growing

Born in England and raised in Aotearoa New Zealand, I’ve built my life around learning, teaching, and my family. My life is full, enriched, and busy - and I wouldn’t have it any other way! My wife and I have four children, five grandchildren and two awesome dogs, Goldie and Dolly-Molly.

I never really stopped learning and studying. I completed a Diploma in Early Childhood Education in 1995 and in 2023 I gained my Educational Doctorate. I use my Gallup CliftonStrengths to maintain a focus and commitment to my studies and ongoing development.

Outside work and education, you’ll find me exploring Wellington’s excellent coffee shops with friends, walking my dog, or reading a good book in the sun (it’s true what they say: you can’t beat Wellington on a good day). My wife and I enjoy travelling and discovering new cultures around the world and closer to home.

A little about you

Find the path to your best life

I get it: Life goes fast. Maybe you woke up one day and wondered how you got here. Is this the direction you wanted to take? Are you cultivating a life that you’re proud of? Do you enjoy your day-to-day life?

My coaching sessions are all about you. I want to help you discover all the things that make you awesome. When you understand your strengths, values, and passions, you can align them with your work and hobbies and allow your best self to step forward and take charge.

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What They’re Saying

The session that I had with Kath was awesome, it helped me learn so much more
about my strengths and put them into perspective around things that I actually do or
say. She was a great person to talk with as everything she said was clear and
understandable. She also listened when I spoke and actually took in what I was
saying. I would definitely recommend Kath and the Gallup strengths to anyone.


My coaching session with Kath really brought the strengths alive for me and helped
me to see how I can apply them in my daily life. Kath was friendly and engaging,
made me feel heard and understood, and introduced me to new ways of thinking
about my strengths and how I can best utilise them. The coaching session was super
helpful for me and I have been thinking about it and finding ways to apply what I’ve
learned since.

HollyPrincipal Advisor

I loved the ease of how Kath communicates, she’s real and talks in a manner that
encourages others to reveal their true self too. I loved how Kath helped us see our
strengths in both raw and mature sense and how to manage that. I learnt so much
more about my own strengths today. The mind map of our strengths and what we
share, I haven’t seen it presented this way before, thanks Kath!


I loved the presentation style, a great mix of listening to Kath, and the team sharing.

PhillipaEarly Childhood Educator Teacher

Love the way Kath brings out the joy and engagement from all the teachers so
openly share and talk about themselves and bring their ideas together as a team,
there were fun and interactive activities that were interesting for the whole team to
work with.


I loved seeing the connections in our team, and the writing exercise really helped me
understand more about myself and others. I loved the way Kath related strengths to
each other and how they connected and worked alongside other strengths.

CeliaECE Teacher

I loved your presence and knowledge, your ability to listen to me, empathise, but you
also kept it positive and motivated too. You were so good at understanding my
strengths and offering suggestions to move forward.

TaniaBusiness leader

I loved learning about the importance of my strengths. How helpful they are when
working as a member of a team as well as individually. Everything was great, I think
there was enough time for listening and expressing ourselves.

PaulaECE Teacher